*The Georgia bank that repossessed a Lamborghini from Bow Wow is now suing the rapper for the money it shelled out to take the vehicle.


According to TMZ, SunTrust Bank filed the lawsuit against Bow Wow — real name Shad Moss — claiming he took out a $300,165 business loan, agreeing to 84 monthly payments of $4,730.

According to bank records filed with the lawsuit, Bow Wow fell behind last year. The docs show the bank repossessed the rapper’s Lamborghini Murcielago  — and managed to get $161,000. But the bank added an additional $25,000 for “repossession expenses.”

According to the lawsuit, Bow Wow still owes the bank $21,371.

Bow Wow is also being pursued by a collection agency over a $283,000 judgment against him, stemming from a Ferrari that he stopped paying for.

Sources close to Bow Wow tell TMZ the rapper attributes his money woes to an ex-management team that wasn’t on top of things.  He has since cleaned house and is now working to fix his financial mess, TMZ reports.