*Brandy Norwood is ready for love y’all; and she’s talking long-term … lifetime status.

She once pretended to marry a man as a hoax. But,  in a recent interview, she says it’s time for real long-lasting love.

“I felt like I had to be dishonest about that because of the image I was trying to portray at that time,” Brandy admitted to the DJs of Power 105.1’s, “The Breakfast Club.”

Seriously, she and former producer Robert Smith pretended for their ‘reality’ show, “Brandy: Special Delivery,” that they were married. Weird. But she said it was about protecting her image as a good girl, since she conceived her daughter Sy’rai out of wedlock.

Things are different now and she’s a grown woman making grown woman decisions.

“I love that I can be transparent. I can just be honest and be myself. In that time, I didn’t know that, and clearly, whoever was around me didn’t know that,” the singer said.

She’s in love with her boyfriend, Ryan Press, and hopes to jump the broom pretty soon.

“I’m 33. It’s time to be married for real this time,” Brandy professed. “It’s a great thing when you’re in love with someone and you’re connected. You want to share your life with that person.”

Sounds like she’s publicly challenging her man to pop the question sooner than later because they’re not engaged.

If she does get what she wants before long, her dreams for a wedding will begin to manifest, but the public won’t be in on the ceremony.