*One cable provider certainly looks like it has a vendetta against the president.

The Armstrong Cable company, run by Romney supporters, is airing the anti-Obama documentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” for free in swing states.

Although the film was viewed en mass, reviews were scathing; and many of the films so-called truths have been debunked by fact-checkers.

The Washington Post called it “fear-mongering of the worst kind.” However, the power of the media is undeniably strong; and could potentially influence uninformed, vulnerable voters.

“This is the first time the cable provider has offered such a deal for a recently released feature film,” an Armstrong executive boasted in an interview with the Pittsburgh City Paper. Think Progress reports that “Armstrong cable is available in over 50 cities and towns in 10 Ohio counties.

Armstrong Cable’s Chairmen of the Board has donated thousands of dollars to Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency.