roshanda hill*When funds are low and the prices are up, there’s only one store to turn to: The “99 Cent Store,” a place where penny pinchers and shallow pockets buy cheap. But one woman from Hawthorne, Calif. has taken savings to a whole ‘nother level.

Roshanda Hill is very serious about her “99 Cent Store” shopping, spending up to $400 a week, because she can’t pass up a good deal. But the problem is, she’s not thrifty at all.

In fact, she’s addicted to spending her money, family members’ money, and friends’ money to sustain her strange habit.

She earns a small income as a radio DJ, and has convinced herself that her habit is much more logical than buying expensive, brand named items.

“I would rather spend $100 on one hundred things… I’m a big, big ’99 Cent Store’ shopper and I spend about $300 to $400 each and every week,” she said on the latest episode of Oxygen’s “My Shopping Addiction.”

Her apartment is stacked with loads of cheap goods, though she won’t be using most of it. Roshanda looks like a “99 Cent Store” hoarder.

Also on the newest episode is a Las Vegas based woman who is addicted to buying expensive handbags. Yeah, just the opposite.

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