*When Baby Williams announced the then eminent launch of Cash Money Content there were more than a few industry eggheads that scoffed at the very idea of the man behind the careers of Juvenile, Drake and Lil’ Wayne having any success in the publishing industry.

After all, these very same eggheads have the traditional publishing industry on life support as I type, and while I’m not certain whether this very outlet ever cast jovial dispersion at the CMC venture I wouldn’t be surprised if we did so numerous times.

Now, after being in business for a little under a year, Cash Money Content has a stable of authors with a well-earned reputations for furnishing gritty street tales.  The roster is litered with authors who have been recognized as Essence or New York Times bestselling authors.

Whose laughing now, huh? Recently I had the chance to sit down with Harlem’s own K’Wan, recognized as an Essence bestselling author with 3 of his prior works.

In this videotaped interview the CMC author and I discuss how he became an author, facing common misconceptions as an author of urban-lore, his new book titled “Animal”  and much more.

Check it out below!