*Do you remember “CB4?” What a classic rap movie, right?

Chris Rock is bringing the flick back to life with a possible sequel.

The comedian told MTV’s Sway recently that he’s thinking of making this an old man rapper movie.

“There may be a new CB4… we’re kicking around some ideas, yes… me and (George) Nelson have been talking about CB4…” he said. “When we made it, we never dreamed that rappers would be old… I know a bunch of senior rappers… so I think I might want to do something from that perspective… to be like a grown man rapper… so trying to figure out ways to do CB4.”

Chris has some other projects in the works right now, but he could be adding this one on before the year is out.

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When CB4 first premiered, it grossed almost $18 million, but eventually became that secret pleasure peace for many black homes.

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