*Oh how we’ve missed Chrisette Michele.

She’s only done a few cameos, if you will, since her last album; popping in with Rick Ross and Musiq Soulchild. But she’s not put anything original out. Boo hoo.

But not to fear, her next album is just about here.

The singer said she’s working on a mixtape and an album. Yeah buddy!

Actually, one of her projects, an album entitled “Better,” is finished. She admits it ain’t her fault we haven’t heard anything.

“It doesn’t take a year to sing a song. Takes a year for people to figure out how to market it,” she told SoulCulture TV. “If you want to put out a song that you wrote yesterday, tomorrow go on Twitter, type in a new URL, and give it to the people!”

Yes, give it to us.

Just because the record label wants to hold on to stuff and keep us all in suspense, the singer said her new mixtape “An Audiovisual Presentation of Audrey Hepburn” will be a great way to appease the thirsty fans until…

According to Singersroom.com, she’s helming the project with her own money, and is glad about it because she’s got the flexibility necessary to be creative.

“I’m in the same space that I was in right before I got signed, where I just wanted to play, go in the studio and have fun,” she explained, saying her future fourth LP “Better,” will be more upbeat. “I’m finally interested in falling in love…so the sadness that you might’ve heard in the album that I just did before and the one before that isn’t there, this is a hopeful album.”