cicely tyson*You’ve heard of the kooky Hollywood game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” where every actor in Hollywood is connect to Kevin Bacon by six degrees?

Well it only takes one degree to connect actor Tyler Perry and Morgan Freeman. That degree is Cicely Tyson by way of the upcoming thriller “Alex Cross.”

Yes, everyone knows that Freeman famously portrayed the role of psychologist, ‘Dr. Cross’ in the films “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider,” and now Perry will take Cross on in the re-imagined version of the film – but Cicely Tyson will play Cross’ mother, ‘Mama Nana,’ in this new version – and Morgan Freeman played her husband in her film “The Marva Collins Story” voilá … one degree of Cicely Tyson.

Tyson says that Tyler Perry had nothing to do with her being cast in the film, although she’s appeared in three of Perry’s films.  While Cicely says she’s known Morgan Freeman since they started acting on Broadway at the beginning of their careers – she says she hadn’t heard of the previous Alex Cross films he’s starred in, or the books they were based on by James Patterson.  However, when “Alex Cross” director Rob Cohen asked if she had any interest in doing the film she said she told him, “Anything that Tyler does interests me.”

Oddly enough – while the two have done several films together Cicely says they were both overwhelmed about the thought of appearing in “Alex Cross” together.  Here’s how Cicely describes their anxiety about doing a scene together. Listen …

Meanwhile – don’t expect to see Cicely Tyson acting for too much longer.  She says that there is one particular role that she’s always wanted to do – and that if she got that role, she’d retire.  Well, she says she got the call to do the role on Broadway – and after she does it, she will retire all together from acting.  She declined to reveal what the role will be but did say it should happen next year.

“Alex Cross” is now playing in theaters in North America.