*Veteran Jamaican dancehall deejay Captain Barkey, best known for the mid ’90s No. 1 dancehall hits “Go Go Wine” and “Bun Fi Bun,” was fatally shot in front of a Bronx motel in the early morning hours on Saturday (Oct. 13), according to Billboard.


Barkey, born Joslyn Hamilton on Nov. 4, 1951, was reportedly shot as he sat in a car with a female companion named Tracy Bennett, 38, after they exited the Holiday Motel in the Eastchester section of the Bronx. NYPD says the alleged gunman, who remains at large, is Joseph Kernizan, 42, the father of two of Bennett’s three children.

Bennett, who was also murdered, had reportedly taken out a restraining order against Kernizan who had on more than one occasion warned Hamilton to end his relationship with Bennett.

Captain Barkey’s longstanding collaborator fellow deejay Wickerman (b. David Taylor) with whom he recorded the dancehall hits “Fat Man Slim Man and “Unuu Memba” told Jamaican radio host Ragashanti of New York’s WVIP (93.5) FM that he had cautioned Barkey to sever ties with Bennett because Kernizan was “a serious man.”

“He (Kernizan) had already broadsided their car, but Barkey never listened to me; the man wanted to kill the woman for a long time but he waited until he could get them together before he acted,” Wickerman said.

In a tragic case of life imitating art Barkey’s 2010 single “She Nah Lef Joe,” produced by Truckback Records, written about his relationship with Bennett and her relationship with Kernizan features the patois lyrics “mi life dun over bun,” which translates to my life is over (dun) because of cheating (bun).”