*Diddy has tweeted about surviving a car crash on Wednesday, leaving the front of his Cadillac Escalade crushed, the windshield smashed and the airbags all activated.

As previously reported, the 42-year-old rapper was involved in a collision outside the Beverly Hills Hotel in California when his chauffeur-driven Escalade was crushed in an accident with a Lexus RX.

He reportedly complained of unspecified pain following the incident, but he has taken to Twitter to reveal it could have been much worse, writing: ”Woah…that was a close one! ”

The rapper also tweeted a pic of his smashed car.

In response, Russell Simmons tweeted: ”after seeing this pic i’m glad to hear my man Puff is ok… (sic)”

Diddy was overheard telling police he would ”seek his own medical attention” following the accident. His driver and fellow passenger, believed to have been Andre Harrell, were not taken to hospital and the vehicle was later towed away.

But the driver of the Lexus was said to have received unspecified injuries and taken to hospital.