*Recently, EUR’s Gerald Radford had the pleasure of attending the Lincoln Ride and Drive Event, located right outside of the popular Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA.

The mall, situated in the city’s upscale Buckhead area, regularly plays host to ATL’s “ballers” with well-lined pockets and “wannabes” alike, making it the perfect spot to showcase Lincoln’s status-worthy line of luxury vehicles.

The event welcomed consumers to take a break from their day of shopping to experience firsthand the smooth ride and excellent handling of the new 2013 Lincoln MKS. Participants were able to hang out in an inviting all-white Lincoln Lounge tent, which featured prize giveaways, refreshments and music by Atlanta’s own resident DJ, Salah Ananse.

After completing the proper paper work to make sure everything was legal and safe, we were paired with a Lincoln expert and the fun began – in style.

Sitting behind the wheel of the MKS, one can’t help but notice a surplus of exciting features that really complement the head-turning vehicle, including myself, Lynette Pope, as the driver. I felt and looked like one of those aforementioned ballers as I toured the route laid out by the Lincoln team.  Also, as a bit of a geek, I was pleased to see the extensive amount technology the company has incorporated into the line to make it relevant and cutting edge such as: active park assist, navigation system (a must-have), rear-view camera and a THX II Certified Audio System with Sirius Radio that will make any car you pull up next to jealous. With the interior being a technological wonderland and the exterior boasting an eye-catching contour that commands attention by all who see it pass by, we give the Lincoln MKS a huge thumbs up!

This Lincoln Ride and Drive experience was a cool, trendy and interactive tool that delivered a fun and exciting way to educate consumers on what they may have been missing with the new and improved Lincoln brand and, specifically, the new MKS.

If you want to learn more about the innovation and technology featured in the Lincoln MKS (starting price: $42,810), visit www.lincoln.com.