*Winston Warrior has a lot to learn.

In less than a year he’s released his debut album, Lifeology 101 and returned to the studio to ready its follow-up, Lifeology 101: Back 2 School.

The frequency of this output is amazing when you take into consideration that he didn’t make music for over a decade, foregoing dreams of climbing the charts for making his way up the corporate ladder. Burned by the frustrations of the music industry in his first go ‘round, he applied the skills learned studying marketing at the University of Miami and began making a living for himself.

However, there’s something to be said about desire; at the urging of friends and the yearning to find out if he really had what it took to make it in the music biz, he formed Vintage R&B Records and grabbed hold of his destiny. The result was a dynamic album that landed him on the Grammy ballot and spurned two singles that were met with critical acclaim, “Bad 4 U” and “Keep Movin’.”

Not unlike many newcomers or veterans in the industry, Winston learned that things change once your songs hit radio or video lands on television. As he seeks continued growth and evolution, he’s had to deal with the constant shifts in many of his relationships, business and personal. It’s those changes that sparked this project; his understanding of life and love started to grow and there was an urgent need to share that growth with those who supported his first offering and to extend his reach to new listeners.

…Back 2 School consists of remixes to the aforementioned “Bad 4 U” and “Keep Movin’,” plus three versions of the first single “Elevator”. As an independent artist, Warrior has the freedom to incorporate the new versions of the same songs, while mixing in new material. “Elevator” presents a new Winston Warrior; this time around he’s unveiling a more intimate, sexier side of himself, much to the delight of his female fans. His debut album spoke to many life issues and reached back to a time when the messages in the music were tangent and salient, lyrics with depth and subtlety that appeals to lovers of that “vintage” sound. He hasn’t strayed away from that sound, he’s just incorporated a different aspect of himself, but the music still allows the listener to create their own scenarios based around his grooves.

Lifeology 101: Back 2 School is available for download October 16th and is distributed by Select-O-Hits. He’s planning to get on the road in support of the new music, but in the meantime, you can connect with him via his social media outlets (Twitter – @winstonwarrior, Facebook.com/winstonwarrior and www.winstonwarrior.com).

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