katt williams & faizon love*On Friday we reported that actor Faizon Love had a run-in with funnyman Katt Williams that wasn’t even remotely funny.

Earlier in the week, the little fella pulled a gun on Love who thought he was a goner … based on crazy Katt’s obsession with drugs mixed with firearms, Faizon says.

Love called into TMZ Live Friday to explain what went down Tuesday night — when Katt pulled a gun on him at a parking lot outside Supperclub in Hollywood.

Faizon says … when Katt pointed the weapon at him, he 100% feared getting shot, explaining … “When someone pulls a gun and they on that narcotics … you don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

One of Love’s homeboys managed to snatch the gun from Katt — and discovered it was unloaded.

Katt was arrested that night for a possible gun violation, but was later released from custody — and no charges have been filed.

Ok, so what caused the beef then? Well, Faizon Love won’t say.  However, he claims it’s about something that happened 6 months ago. Earlier TMZ said it was about money, but Love once again says that not the case.