michael brown & geo bush

Former FEMA director Michael ‘Brownie’ Brown, stands left of former President Bush. He was told he was doing a “hell-of-a job” by the former president as New Orleans and its residents waited a week to be rescued.

*We are laughing so loud over here it’s a wonder you’re not reporting us to your landlord.

Sorry! But we just cannot help it!

The GOP is so funny that we are going to start a petition or consult the Kings of Comedy producer to get them a nationwide tour as soon as possible.

Wait a minute! They’ve already been traveling their comedy show. It’s called the “Mitt Romney Campaign”. Catchy!

Anyway, now who in the hell let Michael Brown out during a natural catastrophe. Someone let the former fired Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director out and gave him air time to criticize the President for responding too quickly to the storm.

Can you believe it? If I were Michael Brown, I’d stay under the rock I’ve been living under since he directed the Hurricane Katrina rescue that was a bigger catastrophe than the storm.