*It’s probably safe to say that Frank Ocean is an open book.

The singer, who made waves when he revealed his bisexuality, is at it again. This time he’s sharing his not-so-secret anymore desires in an open letter.

He wrote, “I wanna write a novel about twins, some type of nature versus nurture tale… I’ve said that to a neighbor before.”

He continued laying out his dreams, “I want to start a car club,” he continued of his future pursuits. “I’m playing with two names for it. I sketched a logo for it. It’s not there yet. I was going to build an arcade, the more I lived with that idea … the less it stuck.”

The singer also described his experiences (not sexual) with Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z while working in the studio, verbally gawking at their talent and drive, even this long in the industry.

“I sat in the studio days ago with Jiggaman and Pharrell. Pharrell looks 19,” he recalled. “They seemed like old friends. I wonder how many trophies are logged in their mind. I wonder why they still build. I build things for the sport and the therapeutic benefits. For immortality b–tch.”

Check out the full letter  at RapGenius.