gap manifest destiny

The Manifest Destiny T-shirt was supposed to represent the collaboration between the Gap and GQ. The designer Mark McNairy pictured here in the center wearing a white t-shirt is at the GQ party of the 2012 Best New Menswear Designers in America bringing the best fashions to The Gap from both sides of men’s fashion.

*There might be a little bitty problem with education and the executives of today.

They used to say when we were in grade school that we were the future of the country, but we never really took it to heart.

Now we have an example of how our miseducation or lack of education might come up in our decisions during our career…if you’re lucky enough to get into one.

The Gap and their designer Mark McNairy are under fire for designing a tee for the company with “Manifest Destiny” printed on the front, according to Yahoo! News.

While McNairy didn’t mean for the public to take this as a racially charged sentiment, it is, well except at the junior high school he attended, immediately associated with the disregard for Native Americans and/or people of color during white men’s supposedly Providence ordained expansion into the West during the mid-nineteenth century in a still up and coming United States.