*According to Sandelman & Associates of San Clemente, the evangelical Christian-led fast-food chain experienced a 2.2 percent increase in visits from customers from July to September says the Christian Post.

Paul Clarke, spokesman for Sandelman & Associates, provided The Christian Post with a press release regarding the data from the group’s Quick Track Study.

“Despite protests and predictions that the fast-food chain would be hurt by the publicity, Chick-fil-A appears stronger now,” reads the statement.

Gay activists and supporters, had urged consumers to boycott the fast-food chain this past summer, following statements by Dan Cathy, the company president, against same-sex marriage. Even some city mayors and colleges had threatened to ban the chain from conducting business.

“When compared with the same period 2011, Chick-fil-A in Q3 2012 broadened its past-month user base (chain “regulars”) in 28 of the 35 U.S. media markets where the fast-food restaurant chain is monitored in Sandelman & Associates’ Quick-Track® study.”

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