black woman using laptop computer*Did you ever meet someone you like and immediately wanted to find out more about him or her?

Well a lot of people go to the practice of “Googling” to finding out about a potential mate.

But should you?

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Essence article:

Modern technology has done wonders to advance business and give the world a more global perspective. We are repeatedly told we are in the “information age,” because the Internet gives us instant access to information on a variety of subjects. In most instances it’s a good thing, but I’m not so sure it is when it comes to dating.

Yesterday, one of my sister-friends and I were talking about a first date she had last week. She is a bit of a celebrity, though not a household name, and her accomplishments are varied and quite impressive. In short, my sister-friend has it going on and her star is rising. She met a guy at a launch event for another friend’s new company and they exchanged numbers to set up a date.

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