steve king*Steve King, the Republican Representative from Iowa, and birther, is once again acting like the a-hole he’s come to be known as in Congress.

He says he’s not signing off on federal Hurricane Sandy relief aid unless a specific plan on how the money will be spent is set in place.

King supported his statement with claims that money provided during Hurricane Katrina was spent on “Gucci bags and massage parlors.”

According to KMA Radio, in a debate against Democratic opponent Christie Vilsack last night in Mason City, Iowa, King said, “I want to get them the resources that are necessary to lift them out of this water and this sand and the ashes and the death that’s over there in the east coast and especially the northeast … But they need to come with a plan on how to spend it.”

In 2005, King voted against a bill to give nearly $52 billion for Hurricane Katrina relief. The money was set to be used to prepare for future disasters.

“Can you imagine in the middle of a disaster to ask for appropriations for mitigating future disasters?” King asked. “That’s why I said no on that second round of appropriations for Katrina … because they spent it on Gucci bags and massage parlors and everything you can think of — in addition to what was necessary.”

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