*During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” Monday to plug her new film “Cloud Atlas,” actress Halle Berry said she intends to have a wild night of clubbing this Halloween – with her famous identity hidden behind a head-to-toe Egyptian mummy costume.


The Oscar winner said she’ll start the night trick-or-treating as a cupcake alongside her four-year-old daughter Nahla, then plans to get mummified for a more “adult” night on the town with her friends.

“I am a cupcake by day and then I’m a different costume by night,” Berry told host Jay Leno. “After she goes to bed, I go out for my adult Halloween and I’m a different thing. The adult thing is I get dressed up like a mummy, so therefore every part of my body is covered except for my eyes.

“I get to go out with my friends and go out to clubs and just lose my mind. Nobody knows that it’s me so I get to do all the things I wish I could do but I can’t do because it would be on the Internet the next day. So I get to go out and be me!”

Berry also admits she is strict when it comes to letting Nahla indulge in sweet treats on Halloween, adding, “I don’t let her keep the candy. It’s too much! What kid needs a bag load of candy?

“I get the candy and I go through it and take out the bad stuff and then I dole the rest out throughout the year. I hide it, and then when she needs a little candy, then I give her a little bit. I don’t let her have it all at once. She doesn’t know it’s stale!”

Watch Halle’s visit to “The Tonight Show” below.