*Another celebrity on the Obama boat got down about how the world would basically end if Mitt Romney took office.

The legendary Harry Belafonte told the Huffington Post in a candid interview that the Republican candidate is not cut out for the job.

“I think that where we are now is in crisis and [at] a crossroads,” Belafonte said in the interview. “If unbridled capitalism prevails with the current electoral process, and Mitt Romney makes it, then I think we’re in for a terrible, terrible future. If he doesn’t make it, then I think we have a chance to look at the democratic institutions and be more sensitive to poverty, women’s issues, children, etc.”

Beyond the election, the singer/actor/activist touched upon celebrities and social responsibility, a topic he’s never shied away from.

He said that without activism, there could be no progress.

“There is no democracy without social engagement and social activism,” he said. “It’s very critical to the health and dynamic of a society that wants to remain democratic and build upon democratic principles. If you cut out that platform, they will have seriously injured the democratic process.”

Check out the full interview at Huffington Post.