Ginger White

*Herman Cain’s name may pop up every now and again in this heated political environment.

But this time it has nothing to do with the presidential race. One of the women in his life with dirt on the man is making it her mission to prove they had a 13-year affair.

Ginger White, yeah the woman the media beat down a year ago, believes she was unfairly treated by … well, the world.

In her new book, she details their heated love affair.

The disclosures in the book could prompt the former presidential candidate “to be a little more honest with his wife, because the details that I share, only she would know,” Ginger tells Daily Download; as she gets down to the physical injuries, scars and everything in between.

Cain adamantly denied any relations with Ginger; who provides a compelling case study of what can happen to a woman who decides to come forward  in the midst of a national scandal; is scrutinized and beleagured by the media as a result; and forced into hiding. Interesting to note, Cain’s professional career never wavered – he now hosts a radio program in Atlanta, and serves as a political commentator on cable news; while White only recently was able to secure a job.

Once the book is published, Ginger says she’s going to say, “In your face, America. Because you put me through hell. You called me everything you could call me…Women are always kicked under the bus when something like this happens. Always. Never, ever, ever are we ever believed.”

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Ginger White tells why she’s writing a tell-all book: