With the presidential race coming down to the wire, supporters from the entertainment industry like singers, rappers and actors have put their creativity within special campaign slogans and events to bring awareness to this year’s 2012 election.

International hip-hop rapper, TV host, humanitarian and actor, J Xavier is another supporter of the Barack Obama campaign. He recently released a video entitled, “Let’s Stay Together” originally sung by Al Green that President Barack Obama sung at the Apollo in Harlem, NY back in January earlier this year.

J. Xavier used his production team, added a couple of verses and added a sample from the song and created this track. This single is the third installment within the President Barack Obama campaigns that J. Xavier is supporting. The first two singles which were created in 2008 for the elections between President Obama and John McCain, “Go Tell Ya Mama, Vote for Obama” and upon winning the election “So Glad Ya Mama Voted for Obama” J. Xavier hopes for the single to get individuals to stay together for four more years so President Obama can finish what he has started.

For more on these videos, you can go to www.youtube.com. You can checkout the “Let’s Stay Together” video below and for more information on J Xavier, you can go to jxavier.blogspot.com.