*Yay! Jamie Foxx is getting back to comedy. The multi-talented actor/singer is going to direct a comedy flick with funny man Kevin Hart and Ken Jeong from “Hangover.” Oh, this is going to be good.

In an interview with BET, Jamie revealed a few details about the project we know is going to be off the chain.

“I got a film I want to direct, it’s called ‘All Star Weekend.’ It’s about two guys, one guy who loves Kobe Bryant, the other guy loves LeBron James. When you talk about LeBron and Kobe, it’s like talking about Republican and Democrat. It is all the way out there funny,” he said. “I would probably make a cameo in it. Hopefully we’ll get that going really soon.”

In the meantime, he’s planning to get back to work on “Skank Robbers.” No comment.

This movie came up before, but got pushed to the backburner for some reason. Jamie says the only issue with the project is that schedules don’t line up with his anticipated co-star, Martin Lawrence. It could be that the hibernating comedian doesn’t even want to do the movie. No one will ever know.