*Watch out now! Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is a fighter.

Despite his battle with bipolar depression, the politician is relentless and plans to push for a re-election.

This could be a great campaigning point for the man.

He’s been gone from his job for almost four months now, due to hospitalization and other medically related issues. His wife, however, has been speaking on his behalf. Sandi Jackson is currently heading up his re-election bid.

And lucky for the rep, he’s on the winning side, being that he has already nurtured a reputation among his fellow Chicagoans, and he’s in the regional favorite political party.

But, this doesn’t mean his mental illness or favorable stance among community members is going to bag him results. He still has to prove himself, and show the people he’s the man for the job.

“The public has been sucked into this sympathy campaign that he’s got going on,” said opponent Marcus Lewis. “This has been going on since June. And it’s unfair to constituents, because they have no representation whatsoever.”

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