*Joe Jackson flashed his handgun to a room full of people at an event in Las Vegas and proudly proclaimed that he carries it wherever he goes.


During a speaking engagement in Las Vegas, he was given a warm introduction from family friend Majestik before taking the stage and discussing his continued fight for justice concerning his late son Michael Jackson.

“I will NOT give up,” he told the crowd at Tuscany Hotel and Casino, where he was preparing to be honored at the Black Music Awards. Majestik recounted the story of Joe’s visit to Michael Jackson’s home just a couple of weeks before his death, in which the patriarch threatened to shoot and kill his son’s staff if he discovered any wrongdoing had occurred.

That’s when Joe told the audience: “Yes, I carry a piece. I carry a piece everywhere I go.”

At that point, he opened his suit jacket to reveal a gun in a holster. In a video of the speech posted by TMZ, it appears as if the room got a bit uncomfortable.

“Majestik doesn’t like me to do this but… I have to let you know that I’ve been threatened a lot of time and so I have to be safe,” explained Papa Joe.