jr perry*With radio stations being a main focus for music, listeners can get a healthier approach when listening to “Farm Fresh Foods” with radio personality, JR Perry.

A Detroit native and resident in Las Vegas, Perry – with his deep, soothing signature voice – has taken what can be a regular radio show with music but instead he informs people about the importance of agriculture in the community and how he can help with getting them fresh foods in their homes.

“I’m connected with White Hills Ranchettes, which is a greenhouse farm that is assistance with getting people fresh vegetables and fruits delivered to their homes instead of going to stores,” said Perry.

Due to a major food drought in the nation and prices rising and Las Vegas relies on California for food, the utilization of the farm and wanting to inform people, Perry came up with the concept and title of the show.

As he calls “Info-tainment,” Perry talks about topics from:

  •        – How fresh farm foods truly helps heal and comforts the mind and body
  •        – Losing weight naturally without any effort
  •        – How to organically overcome that tired feeling
  •        – Simple and healthy meal preparation for your family

His show has had much success due to his timeliness of speaking the truth on agriculture in Las Vegas as other media outlets in the area speak on the prices and drought of food.

“Overwhelming, I believe that I have the hit show on the station because I am talking about something that is real time and its gotten a lot of community reaction,” said Perry. “People are interested in knowing about farm fresh foods and I believe people are receiving the content that I am delivering.”

To further the help of people in the Las Vegas community, Perry has decided to open up a nightspot entitled, “Cat House” at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in spite of attracting the community with free entertainment functions.

“I will be using this venue as the hub for my show,” said Perry.

With this venue, Perry plans to have Community Support of Agriculture (CSA) signups. Within signing up for CSA individuals and families commit to support local farms in their community by paying a certain amount of funds to get fresh vegetables and fruits of their picking sent to them for 10 weeks for an entire year. Perry wants to use this nightspot to entertain the community. Not just to bring them to someplace and talk them about fresh foods, but use and entertainment functions to attract individuals.

“It is going to be a jamboree of people who love to eat healthy as well as informing people the right way to eat and take care of their bodies.

For more information on “Farm Fresh Foods” and JR Perry, you can go to www.lovedropradio.com.

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