*Kendrick Lamar chatted with JAMZ/Phoenix about his collaboration with Dr. Dre, and music with Lady Gaga; saying fans can expect some good, new music soon.

He mentioned that like any good musician he’s got a studio on the tour bus, and much of “Good Kid” was created while on the road with Drake.

“It was just me going to a show, recording at night all the way to the morning,” he said. “[I] probably got two hours of sleep [then] got back up in the morning, do radio, do rehearsal, go to the show again at night, record, wake up and do it all over again.”

The album is just about finished, and Kendrick calls the whole journey an exhausting one.

“It’s been a journey just knowing how far I’ve came from scratching the surface and asking bloggers to put your music up or asking can you open up for certain venue,” he said. “It’s a process and I don’t take that process for granted. I knew that I’ve developed myself and my team developed me to get to where I’m at.”

One of the tracks features rap legend Dr. Dre, an experience he described as humbling.

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