lark voorhies*“Saved by the Bell” actress, Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on the show, was caught acting strangely when TMZ spotted her and her male friend in Los Angeles earlier this week.

In a recent People magazine article, the actor’s mother states that she is suffering from bipolar disorder. When asked about it, Lark denied the story, but didn’t make a very good argument for herself.

She was caught on video (below) stammering to express how she feels about her mother’s report.

“Well I think it quite comical… I’ll put it to you like this, outside contract, everything is funny. Beautiful pictures though, don’t you think?”

It got worse as the conversation went on, her words sounding disjointed and confused.

When asked about her spirituality, Lark said: “We’re all built on it. We’re all in tune to its calling and informant connection. I think that pretty much completes statement regarding that context.”

Huh? Strange, disconcerting and kinda hard to watch. Meantime, we’re wondering why the dude next to her didn’t “rescue her” because she was having a hard time keeping it together.

At least she looked put together.

Check out the video: