*Let’s all be brutally honest here. Magic Johnson never looked sick in all the years he’s been on camera. He claims he’s not on any special, magical, rich man’s drug to suppress or completely eliminate his HIV, but it’s hard to believe he’s still got the virus, right?

For the non-believers, he addressed the issue head on with The Root, saying he’s been carrying HIV for 21 years.

He addressed a small crowd of HIV/AIDS prevention workers and journalists at New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel recently, explaining the emotional and physical process he had to go through to deal with the disease. But the real news is that he’s also endorsing a new at-home HIV test out on the market called OraQuick.

It’s the first of its kind, FDA approved. In less than 20 minutes, test takers get real results and only for $39. The oral test detects antibodies of HIV-1 and -2.

While it’s all gravy, everything has its downfall.

According to the FDA, the test “would produce one false-negative result for every 13 true-positive tests.” It can also be administered incorrectly.

So, though it still isn’t ‘fool-proof’, it does give people an opportunity to check things out in private.