*The name Oscar Generale is commonly associated with Hollywood Productions and Product Placement. Hollywood Producer Oscar Generale started his operations by aligning the biggest fashion brands from all over the world with their favorite Hollywood stars, hence “Branding” Hollywood, literally.

The Italian-born Generale has managed great success in the past few years, with his PR and advertising boutique nestled in the heart of Beverly HIlls, it is home to many famous celebrities dropping in to see Oscar while he  conducts business with Hollywood Insiders at all levels.

Oscar has come very far within the past few years, when arriving to the US he did not even speak English and now we will be able to watch his very fascinating life unfold in association with the Fremantle Group (American Idol, XFactor,Americas Got Talent), and the Executive Producer of Jersey Shore and The Bachelor (to name a few.)

In the Oscar Generale reality TV show we get a little taste of the lifestyle and the determination it takes to make it big in Hollywood.  Generale has been involved in producing various productions with big stars such as Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, Adrien Brody, and other big screen talents such as Kelly Preston. It’s a guarantee that there will never be a dull moment!

Major Television Networks in Los Angeles are in discussions for this rare new  reality show that promises to bring great entertainment, laughter and insight into a very different side of Hollywood.