*Miguel is not gay, just in case you were wondering if your gay-dar was working or not.

The singer addressed the longstanding question that’s been sort of floating around since his debut two years ago.

He admits in an interview with the Power 104.1 Breakfast Club crew that his look is off the beaten path of borderline metro and homo (no offense anyone).

“I was just trying to be myself in the midst of being pressured to be something that I wasn’t. So I found myself making choices — you know when someone’s rushing you to make a decision? Sometimes you don’t make the best decisions because you’re just trying to keep up,” he said.

Regardless of the rumors, Miguel doesn’t much care about people wondering about his sexual orientation. He’s gonna keep doing Miguel.

And as far as his peer, Frank Ocean, going public with his sexuality, he’s indifferent about the whole thing, saying it could have just been something to garner media coverage.

“It could have been a marketing ploy, who’s to say,” he hypothesized. “At the end of the day, as a grown a– man, I don’t really care what the sexuality of the next man is.”

Besides dealing with the rumors of everyday celebrity life, Miguel’s latest album, “Kaleidoscope Dream” is an ode to his life and gives fans a good dose of life from his point of view.

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