*Yeah the presidential debates are very important for the future of America, but let’s talk about that dress first lady Michelle Obama was wearing this past Monday night at the 3rd and final presidential debate.

Just think, another four years of a fashion forward first lady (not making any predictions, just sayin’). So she dawned a classy (like always) Thom Browne dress, the same one she wore the night of the Democratic National Convention. This time around, she embellished it with a broach and black belt.

What does this say about America’s first lady?

Remember when the family first came to the White House, there was a lot of chatter about how much she spends on wardrobe. Well, check her out, she’s recycling old threads and putting a fresh spin on it.

Besides that, the world loved the dress.

Rebecca Adams of the Huffington Post says the first lady did her fashion forward thing.

“She looked absolutely lovely,” Adams says, adding that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Her counterpart, Ann Romney… well, let’s just say she doesn’t quite get it.

Some even called her floral look a bit “frumpy.”

So basically, if Michelle and Ann were in a fashion war, and it was for the White House, the Romney’s would be slaughtered in battle. Sorry.