*Reality show creators Shaunie O’Neal and Mona Scott-Young have never met, but the two have so much in common.

According to a recent interview win the November issue of Sister 2 Sister, Mona hasn’t even had so much as a conversation with the former wife of Shaq. However, the ladies are indeed some of the most powerful women in the industry with “Basketball Wives” and “Love & Hip Hop.

Both are mothers, TV execs, and had a brilliant idea for a game changing show.

Another thing they’ve got in common are the globs of un-fan mail, threatening to boycott their shows because they seemingly perpetuate negative stereotypes of black women.

“They go in. I’ve been told my mother is a crack whore. Oh, they go in,” Mona laughed, talking about the reality show boycotters.

She continued, agreeing that both she and Shaunie have a common threat – haters.

“We’ve never met. We get put together all the time, like on Twitter, they’ll be like, ‘@ShaunieONeal and @MonaScottYoung, you both are ratchet,’” she said.