Rocko and Monica*Things in R&B singer Monica’s lovely public life was going well, until her ex-fiancee Rodney “Rocko” Hill decided to join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop.” Dun da dun dun.

So the scoop is, she is very much against this whole thing, especially because they have children together.

Although VH1 hasn’t confirmed or denied the casting, it appears this is a go.

He’d be on the show for his contributions as an artist in the music industry.

Supposedly, Monica is attempting to stop the madness before it gets started. She even publicly shared some thoughts about some ‘trials’ shortly after the news hit.

“Be very careful not to mistake the devil’s gifts for blessings,” she tweeted. “The devil knows how to grant u with what u want!! God grants u with what u need!! The righteous walk isn’t always easy but the end result is everlasting life. Which do u choose?”

Rocko then posted his own subliminal tweet. “WHATS FOR ME IS FOR ME!!!!! YOU CANT STOP IT!!!!! I STAY PRAYED UP!!!!!”

Rocko and Monica split in 2009 after being engaged for nearly 10 years.