*New YouTube  WIGS series, “Jennifer” is looking like a promising webseries.

Set in the very near future, “Jennifer” depicts a reality where the government has come up with a very creative solution for handling dangerous criminals while giving underemployed actors a steady gig, effectively killing two birds with one stone, says Sister 2 Sister.

And guess who wrote the series? Mykelti Williams, the dude ‘Bubba Blue’ from “Forrest Gump.”

He’s recently been seen on “Justified,” an FX series.

The concept of the show came from his a casual conversation with some friends, he explained.

“A friend of mine, his name is Stoney Jackson, were having a conversation and Stoney said, ‘Man, it’s so little work out here right now for actors. I need a job so bad, I’d pull the electric switch on the electric chair,'” Mykelti explained to S2S. “We laughed and joked about it, but I thought, ‘What if it got that bad for actors that they had to do jobs, dirty jobs, that the government has for them?'”

And then, there popped out a new show for WIGS.