keyshia cole & neffe

Keyshia Cole and her sister, Neffe Pugh (photo:

*Keyshia Cole forever has family drama!

The singer’s sister recently came out about their relationship, saying reality television damaged their bond beyond repair.

Neffe Pugh told that things all went down hill when “Frankie & Neffe” came into the picture.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was that she did not like the fact that me and Mom did the ‘Frankie & Neffe Show’ with Manny Hailey without involving her,” she said.

Reality television was an instrumental tool in reviving the singer’s career, and she was sure to keep her family involved. But the latest BET series, “The Way It Is” is missing her sister.

“Everybody in the world knows it’s been off and on with myself and Keyshia. Don’t get me wrong. I love my sister and she loves me. Somewhere down the line we went our separate ways, but while I’ve been focused on trying to rebuild our relationship, she’s been busy rebuilding her career, and been focused on her family,” said Neffe, who explained why she didn’t attend Keyshia’s wedding.

She said her sister didn’t properly extend an invitation for neither the Vegas ceremony nor the Hawaii taping.

“I got a phone call two days before the wedding and only myself and my two daughters were invited. My husband and my five children were not,” she said. “I could not just get up and hop on a plane and go to a wedding ceremony. That was craziness to me.”

Despite the rift between the two, Neffe says she loves her sister and hopes that in the future they will move past their issues.