*Nelly is shocked after experiencing a run in with Texas law enforcement. He shares his bus raid experience in an interview with MTV.com, saying he’s still bothered.

“I think it’s always alarming. I think this case it’s really alarming when you find yourself in a situation that you didn’t put yourself in,” he says. “That’s the only thing that I think is baffling, and I think that’s the part that hurts the most.”

On Oct. 11, Nelly’s tour bus was raided in Texas, and one of his crew members was arrested for possession of drugs. Officials uncovered heroin, 10 pounds of marijuana, and a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Although the rapper’s lyrics classically have had their gangster references, he’s been trying to live a cleaned up lifestyle; staying out of the path of men with badges.

For this incident, he’s disappointed and apparently disturbed, but isn’t being sour about it.

“It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest,” he said on Oct. 11 in a statement. “Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these [items] on board. Law enforcement officials in Sierra Blanca, Texas did not press charges against anyone other than that individual.”

Nelly’s rolling with the punches and still doing his thing. Musically the rapper’s got a mixtape and album in the works that should be available soon.

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