Khloe Kardashian Odom heads into their DASH Miami store (Oct. 15, 2012)

*So how exactly did Khloe Kardashian land the co-hosting spot on “The X Factor?”

After weeks of rumors, the reality show star and Mario Lopez were officially announced as replacements for original host Steve Jones on Oct. 16 and will begin their reign when the show begins live broadcasts on Wednesday (Oct. 31).

“My agent called me and they said that they were looking for a new host,” Khloe revealed to us during interviews for the show. “This actually happened like six to eight months ago.  I went and met with the execs and that was it, then I waited a really long time.”

Lopez’s hosting resume includes MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” and the CW’s short-lived “H8R,” while Kardashian comes to the gig with zero hosting experience – unless you count her former radio show “Khloe After Dark” on Miami’s Y100.

“I was like, well, maybe they found someone else,” she remembered thinking after the “X Factor” execs didn’t call. “Then they called and they’re like, ‘Ok, it’s auditions.  We want you to come in next week and just kind of do a test in front of the camera’,  because I’ve never hosted before, and read teleprompter, and they really were screwing with me.  Like, they wanted to feed a million things and say, ‘Ok, here’s this whole bullet point of stuff.  You have 30 seconds – pick the important stuff.’  I guess I did a good job and I’m here!”

Below, Khloe says she’s “nervous” about hosting a live show for the first time, and explains how she’ll handle the pressure if she messes up.