nick cannon*Nick Cannon recently sat down with the legendary Larry King on his new “Larry King Now” show on Hulu and ORA TV.

The two he discussed everything from Nick dealing with about lupus, to the future of Hip Hop.

Here’s what Nick had to say about the Lupus disease:
“Lupus Nephritis, I was diagnosed at the top of the year, it was really scary actually because I had no idea what Lupus Nephritis was, I don’t even know Lupe Fiasco like that, but no in all seriousness it’s something I’ve been educated on now, dealing with it and actually helping spread awareness.”

“Mine specifically, my immune system would attack my kidneys…(is it fatal?) Right now it’s not and I will never confess that it will be I’m working pass working through it, I’m a strong believer in faith and it was scary at the top for the year but I’m 100 percent now.”

(Larry King: Did anger cross your mind when you heard the diagnosis?) “It didn’t, its weird when you’re in the hospital room anger isn’t something that comes across. I mean first thing that came to my mind was my family, my kids, my wife, my parents. I was actually more concerned about them.”


As far as hip-hop, Nick said:
“I’m so in love with hip-hop right now just because of the reason that you said, it because of the beauty of social media and online content a kid can make a song in his bedroom and become the biggest hip-hop star in the world. We’ve seen it happen time and time again and in the past few years. And I believe it’s going to be even easier and it actually alot of people are dissapointed where hip-hop is today I feel like it’s more diverse as it was in the early 80’s because you can have someone from Chicago who’s a street rapper but you can also have a (couldn’t understand that word) rapper from Toronto and you can do it yourself you don’t need the big labels anymore so I’m excited about hip-hop”


You ever wonder about Nick’s musical influence? When asked, the “America’s Got Talent” host responded:
“I’ve been a hip-hop artist for quite sometime actually but I would say I was inspired because I’m a child of hip-hop that’s kind of you know I’m an 80’s baby as they say so I grew up loving everyone from Run DMC to LL CoolJ”


“Larry King Now” airs Monday-Friday on Hulu And