Mariah Carey (L) and Nick Cannon kiss at the 12th Annual BMI Urban Awards at Saban Theatre on September 7, 2012 in Beverly Hills

*Nick Cannon says he’s not concerned about any beef between his wife and Mariah Carey on “American Idol.”


“I always say my wife is the strongest, classiest women that I’ve ever met in any situation. I’m never concerned about her handling herself,” the “America’s Got Talent” host told E! News Wednesday at a STOMP Out Bullying event at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Cannon of course was referring to Carey being cursed out by Minaj during an audition stop in Charlotte, N.C., yesterday—a brief exchange of words that was “caught on video” and subsequently “leaked” online. [It could’ve been an orchestrated publicity stunt to snatch attention away from current rival shows “The Voice” and “The X Factor.”]

In any case, Cannon insists that Carey is a pro and isn’t going to be rattled by any shenanigans.

“It’s unfortunate,” he continued, “’cause a lot of times when you think about…why America loves these shows, it’s all about people accomplishing and reaching their dreams and being guided by the experts. At times when we seem to lose our composure it’s kinda disappointing, but we move on and hopefully [the conflict] isn’t what the show becomes about.”

Cannon said that he and Carey talked about what really went down yesterday and she has already moved on.

“My wife’s not moved by the theatrics or pageantry,” he said. “She’s just there to do her job and help young people on this show that we’ve all grown to love.”