Nicki Minaj *Another day, another installment of the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey/ “American Idol” judging squabble.

Now we hear Nicki is PO’d with “American Idol” producers, telling her people they ( ‘AI’ producers) encouraged Mariah into starting ish on the set.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

Sources connected with Nicki tell us … she’s convinced producers — along with member’s of Mariah’s team — are conspiring to get under her skin … because they think a pissed off Minaj will bring in viewers.

We’re told Nicki is adamant … she won’t be anyone’s puppet and if she feels she’s being set up, she vows to “cut it off at the head.”  As for how, she says for starters, the next time Mariah “acts up,” Nicki is walking off the set.

There’s just one problem with her theory — we know “Idol” producers were genuinely shocked and upset by Tuesday’s outburst.  Our very connected “Idol” sources tell us the big wigs were completely flat footed and they are doing everything they can to restore peace — which they successfully did Wednesday.

As for conspiracies between producers and Mariah … we believe in the grassy knoll just like the next guy, but in this case Oswald did it alone.

Good point TMZ, but it is interesting that Nicki Minaj is the only one making noise about the situation. We haven’t heard a peep out of Mariah. Is she taking the high road or is wig head on to something?

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