*Recent debate aside, the Obama’s campaign is doing phenomenally.

The president and his minions have raised $181 million in September alone for his re-election, the largest total reported on either side of this 2012 campaign, according to Reuters.

Another big helper for Obama has been the declining numbers of unemployed Americans, which is certainly a booster after the debate Wednesday against his Republican opponent.

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The last month has been successful in bringing in more donors. Of the 1.8 million who donated in September, more than 500,000 were new donors, the biggest month yet, according to campaign manager Jim Messina.

Regardless of how much money that’s been raised, Mitt Romney has done the Obama campaign a favor by being basically unrelatable to the majority of the American population.

Still, voters are not convinced that he is a good person; and believe perhaps, that he is someone who doesn’t understand the public.

According to a recent online survey, Obama is still leading by 2 percent – 47 percent to 45 percent.

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