*Dinesh D’Souza – the star and co-director of “2016: Obama’s America,” the second most successful political documentary in history – has accused two journalists of “libel” and carrying out a “vendetta” against him by alleging that is having an extramarital affair.


On Tuesday, the day the film arrived on DVD, World Magazine reported that D’Souza had been at a Christian conference introducing a woman as his fiancé and spending the night in a hotel with her even though he had only filed for divorce from his wife of 20 years on Oct. 4.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The World is edited by Marvin Olasky and the article was written by Warren Smith, both of whom once worked at The King’s College in New York, where D‘Souza has been president since August, 2010.

“My wife Dixie and I have been separated for two years,” D’Souza wrote at FoxNews.com on Wednesday. He also wrote that he informed Smith of his separation, “but he deliberately left it out of his piece, even though it is entirely relevant to the context.”

D’Souza also wrote that he and his girlfriend (they have since postponed their engagement) stayed in separate rooms at the conference in question, though Smith’s story states otherwise.

“This is pure libel,” D’Souza writes.

“Why would World write such a misleading, sensational story that we would normally expect from the tabloids?  Actually there is a back story here,” D’Souza writes. “Marvin Olasky, the editor of World, is the former provost of the King’s College. Olasky was on the search committee when I interviewed to be president, and he vehemently opposed my candidacy. Olasky publicly admitted that he was resigning his position as a consequence of my appointment.  The reporter who wrote this story, Warren Smith, also used to work as a consultant for King’s until I decided not to renew his contract.”

Read D’Souza’s full article here.