*Oprah Winfrey filled in for “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts today, fulfilling a “lifelong dream” — years after falling short in her quest to substitute for then-anchor Joan London.

“I can’t wait to get out there and sit at the desk,” she said from backstage.

The show started with anchor George Stephanopoulos and his wife Ali Wentworth picking Oprah up to bring her to the set. Wentworth was still in her pajamas and Oprah had curlers in her hair as they picked through the garbage in the back of Stephanopoulos’ car to make room.

Oprah even had her first photobomb experience — as if she could ever go unnoticed — as she snuck behind an audience member backstage. “I loved it so much I just want to go around New York all day and photobomb,” Oprah said.

Joy Behar and Sam Champion also provide plenty of entertainment during the “Twitterpiece Theater” where they acted out some tweets from Oprah’s fans, helping her achieve another dream to be on Broadway – so to speak.

Things turned emotional when Roberts, who has been home recovering from a bone marrow transplant for the last month, called into “GMA” for the first time. She discussed her recovery and how sometimes she feels like she’s “35 days old and can’t get [her] head off the pillow.”

She ensured her co-anchors and the audience that she is feeling better, though. “I can’t wait to come back. I want to be back on that couch,” she said. “You have lifted my spirits. You’ve got me on my feet. You’ve got me dancing.”

Watch a clip below.