*Oprah is always on the move, it’s no wonder she hasn’t been married.

Anyway, the media mogul is beginning to watch her baby (OWN) grow as ratings are skyrocketing, but she is also developing a family drama with HBO.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project is about a wealthy academic who becomes the first Black president of a prestigious liberal arts college. But the new man in charge isn’t who he appears to be. At home, the president and his family struggle with several issues not seen in the public eye.

Produced by Oprah and Harpo colleague Kate Forte, the script will be written by Black playwright Thomas Bradshaw.

But wait, there’s more family drama in Lady O’s life, and its personal.

Seems her 79-year-old dad, Vernon, is divorcing his wife of 11 years. Apparently, pops cheated on his 64-year-old wife Barbara; and has even been accused of chasing her around with a handgun. But Barbara is not going quietly; she is seeking support from her soon-to-be-ex, who gets $25K every 3 months from his famous daughter.