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*Branding expert Oscar Generale is known all over the world as a multimedia mogul and a commentator on lifestyles of the rich and fabulous.

Currently Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late pop idol Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is under the constant gaze of news watchers everywhere.  Bobbi will soon inherit millions from her mother’s estate, and she’s already a star on name value alone, but branding expert Oscar Generale gives this advice for Bobbi Kristina.

Oscar Generale:  “I personally think that Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance should be kept away from her until she is at a more mature stage in her life. Given her family history, it would be wise to keep Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance in a Trust Fund, which she will only be able to access when she is an adult.”

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Bobbi Kristina is only 19, and has a bit of a wild edge, and an unstable lifestyle.  Oscar firmly believes that given her alliances, the inheritance should be kept away to build some values, and in two years, when she is 21, she can have access to what is rightfully hers, but at a stage where she will be more in control to handle the large lump sum.

Oscar Generale: “I do have experience with stars who have amassed fame well before they could handle it, but as they are my close friends, I would prefer not to disclose their names. From my experiences, I think the most important thing is to have good people around you. Your personal team and advisers are very important in terms of guiding the Star Personality towards the best direction, without letting them get carried away with their fame. The personal assistant has to be trustworthy, as they are closest to you.  It’s also important to separate yourself from the bad people, who only want to be around you for the fame and fortune.”

whitney & bobbi kristina

Bobbi Kristina, sole heir to her mother’s fortune

Sometimes companies do not care about the gossip surrounding a personality. This is because whether the news is good news or bad news, the personality is still famous and has tabloids writing about them, knowing the success will continue.  What the companies care about is the impact on the brand by being associated with the particular personality.

Oscar Generale:  “In terms of what brands Bobbi Kristina should focus on right now, I feel that this is not the right time and I will tell you why. No matter where you are, or who you are, one must have a mentor to manage your talents. At the moment, Bobbi Kristina is known for being Whitney Huston’s daughter, but that’s it. At least I do not know if she possesses any other talent, so big brands would not yet solicit her, because she is not a personality on her own. If she has a good mentor and team, who focuses on building her image, as an actress, singer, etc. or  whatever she is passionate about or has a talent for, then she will be in a better position to choose the best branding profile fit for her.”

Oscar is an international guru and he knows what it takes to bring A-list stars to A-list products.  Oscar Generale branded Ben Affleck with Morellato, Dustin Hoffman with Caffe Vergano, and Mira Sorvino, Spike Lee and Michelle Rodriguez with Luxottica.

Branding Expert Oscar Generale and actress Michelle Rodriguez

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