*No doubt LeBron James has endorsed many a product, but we can assume without question, heroin is not one of them; and the Philadelphia drug dealer selling packets of the stuff labeled “LEBRON JAMES” recently got the memo.

The Philadelphia Daily news reports the Upper Darby police busted a major heroin dealer from Philadelphia on Thursday; who had 140 packets of the deadly drug – all of which were stamped with the silhouette of a basketball player and the name “LeBron James.” lebron james

“I don’t think LeBron James would be too happy with this drug-dealer dude using his name on these street bags,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Chitwood said that drug dealers stamp every bag of heroin with a name, but it’s usually one like Hellen or Hazel or words like horse or brown sugar. Police said that an undercover Upper Darby officer made a buy from Marlon Guess, 19, of Philadelphia, on Beverly Boulevard near Luckens Avenue, in Upper Darby, about 6 p.m. Thursday. The undercover officer paid Guess $750 for 140 bags of LeBron, Chitwood said.

Once the officers moved in for the bust, the dealer, who was driving a rental car sped off, but was captured later. Police called him a real “wise-ass” after he told officers.

“Man, I know the drill. I ain’t talking. I’ll be out on bail tomorrow morning.”

Chitwood said, “Well, he got whacked with a $250,000 cash bail, so he’s not getting out too soon.”