sharmeka &baby*Now this is a doggone shame if true.

Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20-year-old Louisiana woman who claimed three men set her on fire and wrote the initials KKK and a racial slur on her car, may have made up her story, authorities said Tuesday.

They believe she may have caused her on third degree burns and fabricated the attack.

Moffitt called 911 Sunday evening from a walking trail in Winnsboro and told authorities she was doused in flammable liquid by three men wearing white hoodies. She suffered extensive burns on more than half her body and was taken to LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport for treatment.

After two days of investigation, authorities said evidence showed that she apparently set herself on fire, CBS affiliate KSLA reported. Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said Tuesday afternoon that authorities linked Moffitt’s fingerprints to a lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid found at the scene.

“The investigation (of) Ms. Moffitt has revealed that this was not an attack but a self-inflicted incident that happened to her,” Thomas said in a news conference.

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