jesse jackson jr. *Uh oh, this is NOT a good look.

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.  is doing all kinds of bad.

The man was spotted hitting up bars while supposedly under doctor’s care at the Mayo Clinic for bipolar disorder. At least that’s what his staff told reporters.

The cherry on top is that he was seen on two separate occasions in D.C. with two different women, Tuesday and Wednesday night last week.

According to, sources say each meeting seemed intimate enough to raise suspicion.

“They were laughing and very focused on each other,” one source said of Jackson’s demeanor on Wednesday night. “Not sure when they left but I saw them there around 10:30 p.m. They didn’t appear intoxicated or loud, but were definitely enjoying themselves.”

In the meantime, Jackson’s life continues to crumble as a criminal investigation is in full effect over his finances. Authorities are attempting to discover where $1.3 million in campaign funds went – to his campaign or to redecorating his home.